Monday, September 14, 2015

Meet Alana

My name is Alana Mitrovich.  I am Italian, Irish, German and Swedish, but I am mostly Italian so I enjoy all things Italy.  I grew up in Addison, IL. I attended Stone School, Indian Trail Jr. High and Addison Trail High School.  I have fond memories of my neighborhood and friends.  My best friend Nina lived behind me since 2nd grade.  We were each others maid of honors in our weddings and we are still best of friends. Her second daughter Sofia is my God daughter.  When I was a kid I enjoyed playing in the park, riding my bike and playing baseball and Ghost in the Graveyard with the neighborhood kids.  We went to the pool a lot.  All us kids had tons of sleep overs and had such a great time.  As we grew into high school my friends and I were very involved in school.  I was on the dance team and played varsity tennis.  I was a member of a variety of clubs.  As I grew up I learned what I loved the most was family.  I love being part of a family and I love contributing to my family.

One of my passions is cooking and baking.  In fact, I am a Family and Consumer Science (aka Home Economics) Teacher.  I maintain a preschool classroom inside Thornridge High School and train students to become teachers and childcare workers.  I also run two clubs at the school: Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and National Technical Honor Society (NTHS).  I really enjoy my job and being with students of all ages.

Another important thing about me is that I am a devout Catholic.  I love my faith and the Church.  I have an active prayer life, attend Mass weekly and I am very active in the Young Adult community.  I have many hobbies and interests including crafts, scrap-booking, sewing, reading both fiction and non-fiction, listening to music, and seeing movies.  I am also a huge Disney fan and my sister and I never miss seeing Disney movies together.

I also love to travel and have been out of the country several times including Canada, Mexico, England and Italy.  Lately I have been traveling a lot of cities in the country including San Antonio, Nashville, Las Vegas and Washington D.C. I hold a lot of love in my heart for my alma mater Bradley University.  I am full of BU pride and enjoy going back for visits.  I am also a member of the Kappa Delta sorority and I am still active in the alumni community.

Probably my greatest love of all is for my husband Matt.  I could not imagine a world without him.  He is my best friend and there is no one else I'd rather share this life with.  God truly made sure He created the right guy for me. I was so lucky to meet him in college.  We clicked right away and fell right into each other's rhythms. It is like we were always meant to be.  Everything just flows with Matt when we are together.  Without Matt my life would be empty.

You have probably noticed by now that family is very important to me.  I love my neighborhood family, my high school family, my sorority and college family. Now as a married woman I am lucky to belong to a great new family.  I desire to keep my family growing.  My desire to adopt comes from all this.  I want to share the love I have by adding to our family.  I want to be a mom so bad and give every child the love he or she deserves.  I don't think I could imagine a life where I am not a mom.

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