Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mitrovich Family Christmas Traditions: New and Old

As we continue on our adoption journey, we start to wonder how we will celebrate the holidays with a future son or daughter. What old traditions will we keep and what new traditions will we start with them? For us, 2016 was the year where we looked as much to the future, even as we celebrated the past.

For example, Alana wanted to experience what it was like baking cookies with children so she invited her best friend Nina and her daughters, Juliana and Sofia, to come over a night of cookie baking.
Juliana (Age 4) helping Auntie Alana bake cookies!

Sofia and Juliana's gingerbread house! 
They baked cookies, watched Christmas movies and took winter naps!  Alana hopes that some day Baby Mitro will enjoy baking with Juliana and Sofia too!

Sofia and Auntie Alana taking a long winter's nap!
Of course, how we celebrate the holidays themselves is just as important as what we do leading up to it. Christmas Eve is usually just Matt and Alana, so Alana decided to bring back a family tradition from her Italian heritage and have Seven Fishes for Christmas Eve dinner.
Coconut shrimp, stuffed clams and bacon wrapped scallops.
Later that night we attended Christmas Vigil mass at our church. Perhaps not the best time to take a baby to mass. Perhaps in the future we may need to go at a different time. Food for thought.

Next up is Christmas Day! We began the festivities by exchanging presents and a new tradition of having Monkey Bread for breakfast!  It was so good we think we will keep it!
Alana's first attempt at monkey bread!
The rest of Christmas Day was spent with family. We first had lunch with Alana's family and then dinner with Matt's.  We ate so much food we could burst, but it was the quality time spent with family members who we don't see very often is what really mattered.

This year Matt's family added a new tradition of Ugly Christmas Sweaters!  It was hilarious!
Alana and Matt in the photo booth modeling their ugly sweaters!
As anyone can see we hold traditions close in our hearts but love to try new and fun ideas! If you wish to help us get the chance to share our traditions with a new life, please check out our Go Fund Me Page. If funds are tight, please help by sharing the link and our blog, as well as praying for us as we continue this journey.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!