Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Adoption and the Olympics

Is anyone out there as obsessed with the Olympics as Alana is?  We are rocking the Red White and Blue and Team USA in the Mitrovich house.  Every night the Olympics is on and when its not Alana is checking the updated medal count (at this moment USA has 29!)

By now we are sure you have seen the women's gymnastic team win overall gold.  They are the talk of Rio.  Did you know that Simon Biles one of the Final Five was adopted?  Amazing right!? She was adopted by her grandfather and his wife when she and her siblings ended up in the foster care system because her mom was using drugs.  Could you imagine her life if she hadn't been adopted.  Sure she might have been adopted sometime down the line in the system but she was already three year old and we all know the chances of adoption become less the older the children get. We just think Simon is amazing.  Her story says so much.  It does't matter your circumstance  you can do anything.  It is so important that we instill these lessons in our children. They are all wonderfully made and God places them in our lives to be cherished, loved and to have their talents encouraged.

Alana: Lately I have been hearing a lot of podcasts and reading a lot about how our children are not "ours." and it has really spoken to me. Just like everything else in this world our children are on loan from God to shape, form and care for.  At some point we need to set them free into this world.  Simone's parents understand that.  They home schooled her to give her time at the gym, they drove her to lots of practices and events and now they are in Rio watching their little girl amaze the world. God had a plan for that little girl (by little I mean 4'8")  God has a plan for all of us.  Every day I pray for our future little one, our birth mom and our social worker.  Someday we will know who this planned child is and we will have the opportunity to encourage his or her talents and aspirations. Until that day I will continue to pray (and watch the Olympics!)

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