Thursday, October 13, 2016

Where are we now?

Happy Fall!  We are in the race of our life right now.  We have completed our individual interviews with our social worker. It was a very interesting two hours. Lots of questions about our bios and how we see ourselves as parents.  It was amazing how deep we really go about ourselves in this process.  It was exciting to start imagine ourselves as parents.  Our next step is to have our social worker come to us and visit and inspect our home. Everyone who has gone through this is telling us not to stress to clean as normal and just make sure chemicals and medications are locked up and fire alarms work.  Of course perfectionist Alana thinks it would be better to hire a cleaning crew and childproof the house.  We are still working on our home visit plan!

A couple weeks ago we hit a milestone of $10000 for our savings for the adoption.  Our next step is to write a $12000 check and then be on the wait list.  Once we are chosen by a birth mom and the baby is born we will have to write a check for $17000.  So of course Alana is so nervous since it took us 13 months to save the first amount.  Please continue to pray for us, share our blog and visit our Go Fund Me page on the side bar to the right to help us reach our goals.